1. What is Royal Club 6 Privilege Card all about?

Privilege Card is a customer benefit card offering unbeatable and exclusive discounts at most sought after restaurants, night clubs, hotels, health clubs, beauty chains, entertainment and a lot more. Its Possible Privilege Card gives you access to exclusive discounts & offers from largest number of merchants saving a lot of your hard earned money.

2. Is this card is for rich people who frequently visit big shops?

This card is not only for rich people. Royal Club 6 Privilege Card covers all range of people, big and small vendors of entire market. There are discounts and privileges for everyone.

3. How can I save money through Royal Club 6 Privilege Card?

Royal Club 6 Privilege Card will provide you discounts and offers at over 1,000 locations across India and our discounts range from 10% to as much as 100% off (free visits to certain locations).

4. How do I use Royal Club 6 Privilege Card?

Simply flash your Royal Club 6 Privilege Card at our merchant partners & avail discounts. You can also download the Royal Club 6 Privilege Card App from google play store & you can easily Book a table for Food & beverages services or make an appointment for other services through Privilege Card App. (Coming Soon)

5. Do you need to carry Royal Club 6 Privilege Card all the time?

You would love to carry your Royal Club 6 Privilege Card due to its international design and elegance. Moreover, it is similar to a credit card / debit card in appearance and a great tool to save round the clock. Never forget to carry your Royal Club 6 Privilege Card while going out.

6. How can I register my Royal Club 6 Privilege Card to have access to member's area?

Click on Activate Card option available on the www.royalclub6.com, answer few questions & your Privilege Card will be registered, or you can call us at +91 79 8866 8836 to register your card.

7. Why should I register my Royal Club 6 Privilege Card?

Registering your Privilege Card enables you to get access to privileged services & handpicked deals only for you.

8. What should I do if a merchant does not recognize/honour my Card?

All merchants are in written agreement with us and have agreed to honor your card ? In the unusual event that this does not happen, please contact us immediately at +91 79 8866 8836.

9. How many times can I use Royal Club 6 Privilege Card to save?

You can use your Card as many times as you wish to.

10. What is the validity of the Royal Club 6 Privilege Card vouchers?

Validity varies for each voucher and is mentioned clearly at the backside of the voucher.

11. Where can I use Royal Club 6 Privilege Card?

Download Royal Club 6 Privilege Card App on your mobile from google play store & avail all the latest offers. Use our Predictive Search option available on the homepage to know participating outlets & offer details. You can refine your search more, by searching outlets according to City-wise, Zone-Wise or Category-Wise. You can search City-Wise merchants also, by choosing particular city from the Top Drop Down Menu on the homepage of Royal Club 6 Privilege Card website. You can more refine your search, on clicking Merchant Directory tab; it shows Zone-Wise Merchants for particular city. You can further refine your search more, by choosing Categories like for Food & Beverages, Beauty Services, it will show the entire listed merchant for particular category. Moreover, our customer care team keeps in touch with you by sending offers on your mobile, email Id etc. Besides this, you can check Royal Club 6 Privilege Card stickers whenever you go out for eating out , or you can simply call us at +91 79 8866 8836 to know offers.

12. Will you keep sending me offers and advertisements even when I do not want them?

No, at Royal Club 6 Privilege Card, we value your privacy a lot. You can always call us and register for our DNC list.

13. Will the card get renewed automatically after a year?

No, you will be notified when your card will expire and you can decide to renew before that time.

14. How do I subscribe Royal Club 6 Privilege Card?

There are many ways: 1. Visit www.royalclub6.com to subscribe online, 2. Call +91 79 8866 8836 to place your order, 3. Send us email at Privilege@royalclub6.com , we will get back to you soon.

15. How much time does it take to receive my Royal Club 6 Privilege Card after subscribing?

Since each Royal Club 6 Privilege Card is a personalized card with your printed and coded details, means each card is make to order still your Royal Club 6 Privilege Card is delivered within 7-10 working days of subscription date.

16. What should I do if I want to order Royal Club 6 Privilege Card in bulk for my company/society/organization?

Call us at +91 79 8866 8836 or send us an email at Privilege@royalclub6.com and one of our executives will get in touch with you at the earliest.

17. I have a business and want to become a part of Royal Club 6 Privilege Card?

Call us at +91 79 8866 8836, or send us an email at Privilege@royalclub6.com and one of our executive will get in touch with you at the earliest.

18. I showed my Royal Club 6 Privilege Card after getting the bill at a restaurant. However, the restaurant declined to accept it. Why is this so?

Because of the way billing systems are built in most locations, it is important that you declare having the Privilege Card before you get your bill.

19. I used Royal Club 6 Privilege Card at a merchant, but did not like the quality of the product. What do I do?

We at Royal Club 6 Privilege Card take very stringent measures to ensure that we provide offers of only high quality merchant locations. However, it is tough for us to ensure product quality at our partner stores, and we encourage you to contact the merchant directly about the issue.

20. Is my personal information sold or shared with third party?

We maintain very high levels of privacy in our systems. Your personal information is secure with us, and will not be sold to any third party without your explicit permission.

21. I called up the helpline to buy Royal Club 6 Privilege Card, but they want my credit card number. Is it safe to give my credit card number?

Privilege Card call centre adheres to highest security standards, and your credit card information is totally safe in making the transaction.

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